Frontosa Cichlid?


A Frontosa Cichlid is a fish. They like a 70 gallon tank and need moderate care. They grow to a maximum size of 1'3' and they are tan and white in color. They are a carnivore and are farm raised.
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1. Prepare a large, 100- to 200-gallon aquarium. Cover the bottom with a few inches of sand. Place several rocks, pipes and caves around the aquarium. The best water conditions for
Sometimes Cichlids change color when the temperature of the tank drops or rises suddenly. From my experience. -Alan Armour
How big is he? Large fish over 6" long might not be hungry every day.
Frontosa Cichlids develop their cranial humps as adults, or at approximately 4 in. in length. They must be kept in a tank to allow this kind of growth. They are normally non-aggressive
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