What is the frost line depth in Indiana?


Frost line, also known as the frost depth or freeze depth, is the depth as which the soil in the water will freeze. This line is determined by a lot of factors including climate, and if for instance, there is a road nearby. Roads can hold in heat and cause 'heat islands.' According to the states the frost line is anywhere from 30' to 60' depending on what part of Indiana a person is in. People who are in the mid to Northern part of the state is seeing 54' to 60' ranges while those on the Southern boarders are closer to the 30' mark.
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The frost line is the avg of the outdoor
Hi this is albert einsten and the answer is mc squared x 23 x4f.
I think the frost line is pretty uniformly 30-34 inches everywhere,well, everywhere except extreme glacial areas) The NEC (National Electric Code) deals with required depth of underground
Hello Richelle The best way to go is with concrete caissons poured to a depth of: below frost line. They should have two strands of #4 rebar installed in them. The top of the concrete
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