How do you clear a frozen drain in a tub?


A person can clear a frozen drain on a tub by first turning off all of the water. Some vinegar should also be poured down the frozen tub drain. Boiling water should also be dumped down.
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1. Turn off all water running down the drain and wait until all the sitting water drains down as much as possible. Remove the drain plug from the tub so the proper materials can be
To drain a hot tub you can put a long tube into the water in the hot tub and suck on the other end until water comes through. The water will slowly drain out of the hot tub.
1. Assemble the overflow pipe. The drain-waste-overflow pipe assembly must be positioned correctly. Place the rubber gasket on top of the waste overflow, which is the top opening
If you can access the pipes from below, get a hair dryer and aim it at the drain for awhile. I would suggest using boiling water, not just hot. but it seems you may have standing
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