How do you initialize a memory card on a Fujifilm digital camera?


If the memory card of your Fujifilm digital camera is not initializing them the data on it may be corrupted. To initialize the Finepix card again, switch the camera on, press and hold the mode button until 'for' appears on the screen, release the mode button and wait for the camera to format. Once it is finished, the card will work properly.
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1. Power the camera on. Press and hold both the "Mode" button located on the top right of the camera and the "Trash" icon located on the back left of the camera.
With the camera in "Picture Mode" press the "Menu Button" on your
Once you get your camera read the owner's manual cover to cover. All these issues are covered there. Also, I believe, you can download the s1800 manual from Fuji. This is what I do e=UTF8&tag=spam&link_code=as3&camp=211189&cre. ative=373489&creativeASIN=B0012Y52FG. Technical Details. * 8.2-megapixel
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