How to Modify a Fujitsu LT P-600 BIOS.?


1. Tap the "Start" button, then "Restart" using the P-600's stylus. 2. Double-tap the screen during boot-up, to access the BIOS menu. You can also press the "F2" key if you are using an external keyboard. 3. Navigate through the BIOS using the arrow
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Just remove the thumb screw and slide the casing going to the front.
go to the fujitsu siemens website choose Personal computers > Others > Scenic E > e600 > windows xp > audio , downloasd it enjoy ! for vista goto: right click on my
Don't know much about the Scaleo. Try their website for a motherboard diagram. If you cannot see a card with wiring going to the cdrom /dvd drives then theres a possibility its an
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