Full Load Amps?


The term 'Full Load Amps' refers to the current you can expect under maximum load by a motor. Full Load Amps was generally changed in terminology in 1976 to 'RLA - Rated Load Amps'.
Q&A Related to "Full Load Amps?"
FLA is the nameplate amperage rating of the motor when it is running at its designed horsepower and on the motors designed voltage. 746 watts = 1 HP. The FLA of a 1 HP motor at 240
1. Locate the electrical information label on the exterior of the appliance. Search your appliance's user's manual for the electrical information if you cannot find the exterior label
The formula is I = P / V where I = amps, P = power
Cmac, You might want to contact your electric company and see if your getting 220/240 volts during high usage periods? I assume the condenser is on it's own unshared circuit? Also
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