Fun and Interesting Questions to Ask?


I have found a site that has 80 fun questions to ask friends broken down into 8 categories. These categories are movies, T.V., books, sex questions, money questions, music, games, and dilemma questions. Visit this site,, to figure out which questions you want to ask your friends.
Q&A Related to "Fun and Interesting Questions to Ask?"
I am always 100x more interested in the answer than in who follows the question. In fact, I am always sort of annoyed that the first several notifications I get about a question I
Cuz it is! Why do you do it?
You could ask him, "Did you ever get a gift or
Lol finding weird things out about your friends can always be fun! Some questions I usually ask are, 1: Where's the weirdest place you've ever kissed someone? 2: Would you ever try
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