Fun and Interesting Questions to Ask?


I have found a site that has 80 fun questions to ask friends broken down into 8 categories. These categories are movies, T.V., books, sex questions, money questions, music, games, and dilemma questions. Visit this site,, to figure out which questions you want to ask your friends.
Q&A Related to "Fun and Interesting Questions to Ask?"
Cuz it is! Why do you do it?
Quora User asks the kind of questions that inspire really awesome science fiction stories. What voltage/amperage would be needed to make a human explode like the ARC Gun did? How
You could ask him, "Did you ever get a gift or
Lol finding weird things out about your friends can always be fun! Some questions I usually ask are, 1: Where's the weirdest place you've ever kissed someone? 2: Would you ever try
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