Fun Facts about the Ear?


Some fun facts about the human ear include, the entire middle ear is about the size of an M&M. The ear contains the smallest bones in the human body and they are the stapes, incus and malleus. When you are born, these bones are already full size.
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The ears provide two sensory functions, hearing and balance, each of which relies on specialized receptors that respond to sound waves or movement. More »
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There are many websites online that offer fun facts. Sometimes, these facts can be delivered to your e-mail daily! Other sites require you to log on a view the facts manually. Look
-- When you go up to a high elevation, your ears pop. Ouch! -- Animals hear better than humans. -- Once you've lost your hearing it's gone! -- The three small bones in the middle
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The smallest bone in the human body is inside the ear... it's called the ...
its the first instrument mozart tuned by ear in public. ...
he has a nose some ears and a 10 toes. ...
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