Fun Facts about the Excretory System?


There are many fun facts about the excretory system. One fun fact is that the right kidney in the human body typically sits a bit lower than the left kidney. Another fun fact about the excretory system is that when the bladder is emptied it collapses and enlarges as its refilled.
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Besides taking out your body's "trash," your kidneys help balance your body's vitamin and mineral levels so your other organs and bones can do their best work. They help
The excretory system is a passive biological system that removes
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Fun Facts about the Endocrine System: We must be thankful to the pineal gland for our sweet sleep. It secretes melatonin which regulates our sleep. The -more? report this answer.
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Information on the Excretory System
The body's excretory system works by located and flushing out metabolic wastes and toxins produced by the body. All of these toxins are present in the blood, so the excretory system is necessary to keep the blood clean.... More »
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