Fun Facts about the Louisiana Purchase?


Some fun facts about the Louisiana purchase include it was a piece of land that the United States purchased from France. It was a little larger than 820,000 square miles and was purchased from the French territory of Louisiana in 1803. The Louisiana purchase is considered to be one of the most important acquisitions of land in the history of the US. The purchase consisted of portions of what is now fifteen different states in the US and two provinces in Canada. The purchased land included all of Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, and portions of North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, New Mexico, Texas, and of course, Louisiana. In fact, the purchased land makes up approximately 23-percent of the United States.
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The. Louisiana Purchase. was finalized on April 30, 1803. The Senate quickly approved the purchase with Jefferson's urging, and the Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the United
The price of the empire which we gained in 1803 was
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