Fun Facts of the Number 14?


There are a variety of fun facts for the number 14. In rugby, the starting right wing wears the number 14 shirt. In NASCAR, the owner of the number 14 car is Stewart Haas Racing.
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It is a prime number. It is one less than a dozen. In hexadecimal notation it is B. Are you having fun yet?
"Camel's milk does not curdle" is the Snapple "Real Fact" #14.
In English, 15 is the smallest natural number with seven letters in its spelled name. 15 Madadgar is designated as an emergency number in Pakistan. 15 is the number of days in each
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There are so many facts about number 14. Number 14 comes between after 13 and before 15. It is normally confused with number 40 in speech. It is also the sum of ...
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Some of the fun facts of 88 is that its divisible by 1,2,4,8,11,22,44, It also symbolizes fortune, atomic number of radium,a palindrome, its an even number and ...
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