What are some fun facts about spring?


There are many different fun facts about spring. Spring is the season when all of the different migrating bird species begin to return home. Also, did you know that children grow faster during the spring? Another fun fact about spring is that the vernal equinox is named after the spring, even though it usually occurs before the first day of spring. Vernal means spring in Latin. One other fun fact is that the first day of spring for the southern hemisphere is on the exact date of the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere.
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There are many websites online that offer fun facts. Sometimes, these facts can be delivered to your e-mail daily! Other sites require you to log on a view the facts manually. Look
1. Find some caves and go spelunking. You can find caves on winding dirt roads on the sides of mountain that house weird creatures such as transparent crabs and odd looking bugs.
Spring Cleaning is a ritual that most families fear but it always seems to
1. Try out a class. Most cities and museums have art classes that run over the length of spring break. Many classes last for about 2-3 hours every morning or afternoon during spring
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The Spring Season
The Spring season is the time of year when the weather transitions from the cold of winter to the heat of summer. Spring usually begins in March and lasts until late May.
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