What are some fun games to play in class?


Field days, birthdays and special events can be celebrated with activities designed to include the entire group. Advance planning is often required for scavenger hunts, although they occupy everyone and the group can be divided into teams. Depending upon the age of the children, games such as musical chairs and head's-up, seven-up continue in popularity. Pass the chicken is a game that is similar to hot potato, only requires the student to name a person, city or item from a predetermined group prior to passing the rubber chicken. Create engaging and fun games to play in class.
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You can find fun games to play in stores or even in your own home. There are so many types of fun games like board games, card games and video games that you can choose from.
1. Give out a pencil and several slips of paper to each person. Have each person write the name of somebody, real or fictional, who should be known to all people in the room. After
Two truths and a lie is a fun game to play in
1. Get some friends and create two. teams. Ad. 2. Make some water balloon grenades. 3. Get some camo clothes including goggles and sheets of thin plastic to put under your camo for.
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Fun Games to Play in Class
Whether you want a reward for good classroom behavior or need a diversion for rainy days, devise an assortment of engaging games to keep your students busy. Create activities for your elementary school class that will not only entertain the kids, but... More »
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Some fun games that you can play at home include Lights-Out Hide and Seek, Simon Says, Guess Who and Tag, just to name a few. These games are great for kids of ...
Similar to hopscotch, color walk is an easy to create game using colored paper taped to the floor. Variations can include using only 2 or 3 colors while stretching ...
Class reunion games are a fun way to break the ice. It is a great way to re-introduce people to those they haven't seen in a long time. A fun idea for a class ...
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