Fun Games to Play with Your Boyfriend?


Charades is a fun game to play with a boyfriend. It allows couples to learn how to interact together without using words and is a game that can be played with just one couple or multiple couples.
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1. Give out a pencil and several slips of paper to each person. Have each person write the name of somebody, real or fictional, who should be known to all people in the room. After
He would love you forever and always if you told him you wanted to learn how to play Call of Duty. A game of wii bowling could be fun too.
Try playing 21 questions! It can be super fun!! Keep on ChaCha'ing with
1. Get some friends and create two. teams. Ad. 2. Make some water balloon grenades. 3. Get some camo clothes including goggles and sheets of thin plastic to put under your camo for.
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