What Are Some Fun Games or Contests for a Golf Tournament?


Some fun golf tournament games or contests can include 'lowest putt count' and 'best or worst hole score.' These games make each hole a mini contest for the players. Tournament games are great way to have fun and raise money.
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I've played in an outing where they had a dart board set up at a par 3 and for the contest you threw a dart to determine which club you'd use. Getting a Bullseye gave you your choice
How about Golf.
You could try racing on a golf cart, but I wouldn't advise it. !
A lack of familiarity with this week's Open Championship venue appears to be of little concern to Tiger Woods, who got his third look at Turnberry's Ailsa course on Tuesday morning
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Fun Golf Tournament Games
Golf tournaments are a popular activity for fundraising and special occasions. There are many formats and betting options for play. Some tournaments are straight competitions in which the lowest score wins. Others incorporate rules designed to balance... More »
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