What are some fun places to go with your girlfriend?


Fun places to go with a girlfriend include the beach, the Farmer's Market, roller skating, to the park, bicycle riding, wine tasting sessions and out on a boat. There are many low cost ways to spend time with a girlfriend and still have fun.

For girlfriends who enjoy cooking, partners could plan a special meal that involves a trip to the Farmer's Market to shop for fresh local ingredients. After finishing the shopping and enjoying the market, the couple could head home to cook together and enjoy the evening.

For those who love the outdoors, a picnic lunch and exploring the local parks are good options. Adventurous people could go hiking, try bicycle riding or kayaking.

Those who want a more romantic activity can pack a favorite bottle of wine and some snacks and head to the beach for the evening. A blanket for two and the sound of the waves will go well with the wine.

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Go on a picnic. Surprise her by packing a picnic lunch of
the beach, the park, the mall, ect.
1. Block out the date with your girlfriend before purchasing the tickets. Create an element of surprise by keeping the date idea a secret; hint at something special you've planned
Duke and Stanford. Both have awesome sports teams, fantastic weather, and great academics. Plus, both have true college campuses with interesting things nearby.
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