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Polling questions can be hard to come up with, but also fun. First and foremost, you have to be sure that you don't lead the people you're asking to a specific conclusion. This will happen if you have poorly worded questions that suggest a certain answer.
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1. Define a clear goal. Start with a broad-ranged goal, such as product or services ratings or opinions about political candidates or political issues. Such general goals must then
Cuz it is! Why do you do it?
I understand that you are frustrated and angry. However, I think you might be happier looking for some kind of polling tool instead of trying to force Quora to be something it is
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Making silly polls and questions is often really fun to read. Often times polls and surveys are made silly to lighten the boring nature of normal polls. Other ...
Poll questions can be about anything depending on what the subject of the poll is about. For instance if the poll question is about how healthy you eat a sample ...
To design polling questions, you would need to know what subject you are wanting to get opinions on. When it comes to teens it could be about their school life ...
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