Function of a Stirring Rod?


The function of a stirring rod is to mix or stir liquids. The rods are thicker and longer than a drinking straw and made from a special laboratory glass called borosilicate. The thickness of the rod makes it unaffected by cold or heat.
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1. Use a glass stirring rod to stir a liquid in a flask or beaker. 2. Spread liquids, gels or other materials across a surface such as a petri dish with a glass rod. The rod prevents
A stirring rod can be used for multiple thins! Did you know it can be used to stir stew or skewer
It is used for mixing liquids Stewart Pinkerton
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A glass stirring rod is glass rod that is used to stir liquids in flasks or beakers. This rod usually measures between 15 and 30 centimetres long and about 0.6 ...
A stirring rod is frequently used in laboratory settings for stirring and mixing liquids in either a flask or a beaker. They are approximately the length and ...
A glass stirring rod is used to pour liquid into a flask. It can also be used for putting liquids and gels onto a petri dish. For a more creative approach cocktails ...
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