Function of a Volumetric Flask?


A volumetric flask is one of the laboratory glasswares. It is used for accurate dilutions and preparations of solutions. The flask is also known as a measuring flask or a graduated flask.
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to measure liquids and other chemical fluids.
A volumetric flask is used to make up a solution of fixed volume very
1. Place the volumetric flask on a weighing scale. Record the weight on a piece of paper. 2. Fill the flask with distilled water up to the volume marking line. 3. Weigh the flask
( ¦väl·yə¦me·trik ′flask ) (analytical chemistry) A laboratory flask primarily intended for the preparation of definite, fixed volumes
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There are quite a number of instrument that are used to measure volume this includes: Graduated cylinders, pipettes, burettes, syringes, volumetric flasks and ...
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