Function of a Volumetric Flask?


A volumetric flask is one of the laboratory glasswares. It is used for accurate dilutions and preparations of solutions. The flask is also known as a measuring flask or a graduated flask.
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to measure liquids and other chemical fluids.
A volumetric flask is used to make up a solution of fixed volume very
1. Multiply the molarity by the volume of the solution and the molar mass of the compound to calculate the mass of the substance needed. In our example, the molar mass of sodium hydroxide
( ¦väl·yə¦me·trik ′flask ) (analytical chemistry) A laboratory flask primarily intended for the preparation of definite, fixed volumes
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There are quite a number of instrument that are used to measure volume this includes: Graduated cylinders, pipettes, burettes, syringes, volumetric flasks and ...
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