Function of Liver in Fish?


The liver in a fish is considered to be one important organ that has a different number of functions for the fish. It first helps to aid in digestion, to do this is secretes enzymes that break down the fats. It also helps to work as a storage area for many carbohydrates and even fats.The liver also works to help in playing a role in destroying old blood cells to help it maintain the proper chemistry within the blood.
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A fishes liver aids digestion by secreating enzymes to break down fats, it also breaks down toxic substances.
The fishes liver assists in digestion by secreting enzymes that break
The liver is an organ that you cannot live without, as it performs many different actions that are crucial to your body working properly. It aids in your metabolism and in digestion
1. Open the container of chicken livers and drain the excess fluid into a sink. 2. Spread a sheet of aluminum foil onto a flat surface exposed to direct sunlight. 3. Arrange the chicken
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