Function of Rectus Abdominus?


The rectus abdominus muscle is also know as abs on the anterior wall of the abdomen. It is responsible for flexing the lumbar spine when in the 'crunch' position. Another important function is that it assists in respiration.
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trunk flexion.
Rectus Abdominus function is any of several straight muscles (as the rectus abdominis or the
The rectus abdominus or strap muscles are the two vertical muscles of the anterior of the abdomen. They are called strap muscles because the firm up the abdomen. When they are weakened
The rectus abdominus muscle flexes the trunk/lumbar spine, therefore its antagonist muscles must extend the spine. The erector spinae muscles are a group of muscles that perform this
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The rectus abdominus is located where it sounds like it is, on the lower abs. The rectus abdominus is what most people consider the six-pack area. Exercise your ...
On your lower back,. ...
On your lower back,. ...
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