Function of Test Tube?


A test tube is thin, cylindrical laboratory glassware for putting solutions when carrying out laboratory experiments. Their function is to hold chemical substances for mixing or heating. They also serve as temporary storage areas for chemicals to be used in chemical experiments.
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Like the function of a beaker; to hold chemicals. A test tube is another useful science equipment used in experiments. A test tube is used: 1. to carry solids or liquids in small
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1. Rinse the test tubes out with water, and scrub them out with a test tube brush. 2. Fill a large glass jar with germicidal cleaner, found in beauty and medical supply stores or
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The Uses for Test Tubes
Test tubes are used primarily in science and medicine laboratories for the purposes of experimentation and testing. They come in various sizes, but usually hold 200 milliliters or less, and have the ability to store small samples of materials as well as... More »
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The function of a test tube rack is to observe the chemical substance present in different test tubes. The test tube rack is also referred to as a test tube holder ...
A test tube brush is used to clean out the bottom of a test tube. It made with a long twisted shaft and nylon bristles. It slides easily into the test tube to ...
The function of a test tube holder is to hold the test tubes and keep them in a secure position without being held by hand. A test tube is used to hold small ...
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