Function of Test Tube Rack?


The function of a test tube rack is to observe the chemical substance present in different test tubes. The test tube rack is also referred to as a test tube holder.
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The main reasons are safety, convenience and ease of handling. If you have test tubes with toxic or corrosive or flammable chemicals in, they need to be stood up. Test tubes will
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We will never know. Antoine Lavoisier is credited by most with inventing the test tube and he would have had racks to put them in. He probably had a carpenter make them and that name
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Uses of a Test Tube Holder
Test tube holders can do a lot more than just be used in a science classroom. The test tube holder's shape gives it a unique quality, perfect for upcycling the test tube holder into something useful and decorative in your home.... More »
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The function of a test tube holder is to hold the test tubes and keep them in a secure position without being held by hand. A test tube is used to hold small ...
A test tube rack is a gadget used in the laboratory for holding test tubes. It is made of a base that has a platform which is mounted on the base and it can hold ...
Test tube racks are commonly used in laboratories to keep test tubes upright so that the equipment does not roll away, spill or become accidentally cracked. Test ...
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