Functions of the Food and Beverage Department?


Planning and arranging buffets, private parties and special events are some of the roles of this department. They may include ordering flowers, tablecloths, or arranging to have decoraters arrive to completely transform a ballroom for a prom or private party. Planning meals, ordering food, working with the chef and waiting staff are some of the enjoyable parts of this job. Determining food costs and how much to serve per person or plate is another of the functions of the food and beverage department.
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makes the food more delicious and attractive by different styles of cooking method and of course to achive the goal or profit.
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FOOD SERVICE MANAGERS are responsible for overall operations of their. establishments. They purchase food; select and plan menus; oversee staffing. of kitchen and dining room operations
getting drinks for customers and food taking orders to kitchen making sure service is quick like a waiter in a restuarant
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The food and beverage department functions as a way to meet the food and drink needs of guests. These guests can be at hotels, banquet halls, and other centers ...
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