Fundamental Skills of Badminton?


One of the fundamental skills needed in playing badminton is good hand and eye coordination. Other fundamental skills of badminton are; knowing how to hold the racket and the ability to use footwork to move around. Badminton is a fun and easy game to play.
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Fundamental Skills. : a. grip - forehand and backhand. b. stance and court position - "ready position" c. movement on the court - "feet, body, arms, head, "feints
Hand-eye coordination, running, parallax vision.
A player's ability to kick determines that player's ability with other skills, including dribbling, receiving, passing and shooting. The supporting foot has as much importance as
There are two sides to musical knowledge, the practical and the theoretical. From a theoretical stand point, you really need to understand key signatures and key relationships (which
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The basic skills in badminton include mastering the different strokes in striking the shuttlecock. The most common strokes are forehand and backhand strokes. You ...
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