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Typically, awards are given to those who have reached some sort of goal. Now, in this day and time, people are getting awards for just about anything one can imagine as they become a motivator. Awards do not have to be serious or used just for a meaningful accomplishment. By adding a funny aspect to an award, it can appeal to a person’s sense of humor and create a humorous and funny moment. Being silly can sometimes be more entertaining and mean more than a serious award with no feeling.
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I've created over 200 funny awards for use at office parties. A few sample funny office award ideas include: *Foot-in-Mouth Award for always saying the wrong things at the wrong time
Most likely to go to jail. Best teacher. best rapper. favorite nerd. best personality.
One funny sports award would be to give out a garden trowel for someone who isn't the
You can start off saying that you have received an award, "Most likely to be Responsible for Change. Then you can go into the things you would like to be responsible to "
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Some funny awards to give to employees include the bonehead award and the spammer of the month. The grouch of the month can also be given. Finally, the Craptastic ...
Getting any type of an award as a child gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment. Being recognized for something makes them feel special. Not all awards ...
Some funny awards for an office party are Bermuda Triangle award for the one with this messiest desk and the Loch Ness award for whoever is never to be found. ...
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