Funny Awards for Kids?


Getting any type of an award as a child gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment. Being recognized for something makes them feel special. Not all awards have to be for someone reaching a goal or completing an important task. Receiving a funny award just for fun can boost a child’s confidence and appeal to their sense of humor. Funny awards for kids let them know not to take life so serious and it is OK to have a good time and get an award for being silly.
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Poppers, candy, trophies, popsicles, pizza, parties!
I think parents need to lighten up and be a source of laughter to their kids. This is a good way to create funny memories of yourself that your children will remember. Here are some
I've created over 200 funny awards for use at office parties. A few sample funny office award ideas include: *Foot-in-Mouth Award for always saying the wrong things at the wrong time
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Funny awards for kids can include things like funniest face in the morning, loudest burp, the best superman impersonator and the messiest hair at the end of the ...
Poppers, candy, trophies, popsicles, pizza, parties! ...
Funny sports awards can be made up based on inside jokes on the team or can be premade awards. A funny sports award for basketball is the award for 'Most Likely ...
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