Funny Awkward Questions?


The old adage of not mentioning a girl's weight or age can produce some fairly awkward results. The questions also depend on who you're asking. Some questions that may be funny and awkward to everyone are "Can I have some laxatives?" or "Are my ears straight?"
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Have you ever whiped peanut butter on a squirrel? What has better looking legs, a seagull or a chicken? Have you ever had the "naked in a classroom" dream? What color is
1. Prepare. Answering questions about money, such as how much you paid for your car or salary expectations in a job interview, are easiest if you plan ahead for an answer. For instance
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1. Find an appropriate group of people to play the Awkward Question Game. It could be one person or many people, but you should be comfortable telling them personal things. Ad. 2.
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