Funny Bowling Team Names?


Stuck trying to figure out a name for your bowling team? Coming up with a name that is creative, quirky, and appropriate for the situation can be a challenge.

Go for something funny, like:
  • Bi-Polar Rollers
  • Split Ends
  • Turkey Baggers.

Puns can also make for clever names, such as:
  • Pin Pushers
  • Split Happens
  • Living on a Spare.

For your all-women team, cool names include:
  • Gutter Girls
  • Bending Babes
  • Split Ends
  • Strike Queens.

Names with an edge include:
  • Uzi Bowlers
  • Phantom Strikers
  • Velocity Strikers
  • Hot Shots.

Pick a few names that you think will appeal to your team mates and bring them to the next match or practice, to put to a vote. Remember to choose names that are appropriate as well as entertaining, especially if this is a team made up of your coworkers. Have fun!
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