Funny College Survival Kit?


Parents or friends might find it necessary to pack a college survival kit when someone leaves to attend college. Sometimes, these kits are not typical life survival kits for college though. Funny college survival kits may be used as a way to remind the student that there are situations in college that might be unexpected. Creating a funny college survival kit can be as simple as placing money in frame and having a sign that says smash in an emergency. Make sure to include things they will use but also make them laugh as well.
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1. Find a laundry basket in the student's favorite color. Every college student needs a laundry basket. Use it to hold all of the other items in the kit. 2. Supply everything for
pens, highlighters, a dayplanner, a phone card, a pretty package of
Send her some food she likes that she can make in her microwave. Definitely include a tin of homemade cookies, brownies, etc. whatever she likes best. Send quarters for laundry and
My daughter leaves for college in a couple of weeks. This MeFi post reminded me that I need to follow through on my plan to give her a survial kit. What should go in it in addition
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A college survival kit can be a funny way to keep a new student from being so homesick. Add their favorite foods and maybe sneak in a childhood toy. Write them little notes and stick in amongst their luggage for them to discover as they unpack. Give them calling cards to call mom and dad. A funny idea is to get all the family in on a collage of horrible snapshots of each of them that will make the student laugh as well as miss their crazy family. Put all these in one large frame for your son or daughter to laugh at.
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