Funny Names to Call Your Boyfriend?


There are several names you can choose from or come up with to refer to your boyfriend. Some of these names include peachy pie, maddy, momo, stud, cherub, babykins and kitty. You can look up more names at romancetracker or buzzle.
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You could call him honey, sugar, sweetie, sweetheart, cutie,
1. Realize that we all make mistakes and fall short at times. People tend to say hurtful things when they themselves are hurt or feel angry. This doesn't justify the racial name-calling
My g/f always calls me Tiger...or
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There are a number of funny and cute names to call your boyfriend. One is to call him your sweetie pot pie or your boo boo. ...
The names you call your boyfriend are usually romantic pet names associated with sweetness such as sweetheart, my love, lover, pumpkin, darling, dear, prince among ...
One funny questions to ask your boyfriend is whether he would kiss a pig or eat a raw egg. You can also ask him about his most embarrassing moments. Asking about ...
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