Funny Prank Call Numbers?


Some kids feel that it is funny to prank call various and random numbers. However, this is considered to be a form of harassment in many areas and they may be fined.
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Here are some prank calls from Bart: "Phone call for Al.Al there an
Here is a really funny one. Person: Hello. You: How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop? Person: What? You: Billy Goat. HANG UP. Person: Hello
There are two different star numbers you can use to eliminate prank calls. Which is the best choice depends on the fee-based services you have or choose to add to your telephone subscriber
you can call one chinese restaurant and another chinese restaurant.but call one restaurant first then the other one. So. The first restaurant you call, you order what ever you want.
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There are a number of funny prank call numbers. On of them is the jury duty prank line at 704-319-7342. Another is the contest hotline at 772-257-4885. These calls do not cost anything. Humor Hotlines has numerous prank call numbers.
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