Funny Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend?


One funny questions to ask your boyfriend is whether he would kiss a pig or eat a raw egg. You can also ask him about his most embarrassing moments. Asking about his childhood make invoke laughter.
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Try asking your boyfriend about his goals, aspirations, and hopes for
are you pregent. are u vibrating. ;0 whats for dinner. u gt milk. so whos ure other gilfriend. whos my new bf. lolololol. am i preggers. did u make out with fish. will u brake up
"Do I look fat?" ...asked my college girlfriend with a secret eating disorder, who was dangerously underwieght when I returned from a two month backpacking trip in Europe.
"How big is your dingalingaling-thing?"
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Among the 101 questions you could ask your boyfriend: when will you declare your eternal love for me? Another: Would you like to tattoo my skin for you? The hardest ...
There are a number of questions that you can ask your boyfriend that are considered dumb. One of these questions would be asking him if you look fat in an outfit ...
There are many questions that you could ask your boyfriend or girlfriend. You could ask them what they want to do. You could ask them if they love you. You could ...
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