Funny Riddles?


There are many funny riddles. Some of them are about animals. 'What animal eats with its ears?' The answer is all of them, since no animal removes its ears to consume its meals. Another riddle is, 'A donkey was tied to a rope six feet long. A bale of hay was 18 feet away and the donkey wanted to eat the hay. How could he do it?' The answer is that because the rope wasn't tied to anything, it was very easy for the donkey to eat the hay.
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ok you want funny. marys father has 5 daughters. nana, nena, neenee, and noonoo, what is the fifth ones name. if you said nono you are a retard it's Mary. if you said Mary you are
What is a funny gay
Funny hard riddle: What goes up and down the stairs without moving? Text back with your guess for the answer!
the drunk man thought that the confessional was a bathroom instead of a confessional, and so when the priest knocked, the drunk man thought it was somebody else who wanted to use
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