Funny Skit Ideas?


There are many funny skit ideas that have proven to be successful. One of which is called 'The Toothbrush Skit' and includes people sleeping on the ground with one of them doing hilarious things while sleepwalking.
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Funny Skit Ideas
Children love skits. They especially love funny skits they've seen at camp, in school programs or at birthday parties. A funny skit will easily be the highlight of the whole event. These short skits don't require a lot of preparation and are easily... More »
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You can do anything from Monty python clip, to the Wizard of Oz. Do you have something
Dogs going to buy people for pets. Gangstas teaching a class about making wind chimes. Various people going to see a very eccentric wise man who makes no sense.
To find funny skits try http://www.ultimate... You will find Bubble gum skit, Toothbrush skit, Bandana skit, and
Ants Marching: At irregular intervals between skits, when there is ALWAYS dead time, the group marches across the stage/camp fire area singing the ..more?
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Some funny skit ideas for school elections might include holding a pretend debate between the candidates. Ask them funny questions and see how they answer the ...
Some funny skits for tweens to perform are ones that relate to what is going on in their lives now. One funny idea for a skit would be a tween trying to explain ...
There are many funny 2 person comedy skits you can find. Check your local library for skits and plays for 2 people. You can also search the internet for ideas ...
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