What are some funny trivia team names?


A funny trivia team name usually involves a play on words, allusions in various forms or quippy innuendos. The following are just a few examples of funny trivia team names: "Menace 2 Sobriety," "Quiz in my Pants" or "S Team D."

When thinking of funny trivia team names be creative. Consider using a name that best describes the players involved. For example, a team of players who love to drink might consider using names such as, "Tequila Mockingbird,"Win or Lose, We Love Booze" or "The Wet Bandits." These names are common, as trivia often occurs in bars or pubs. Names that involve allusions to famous people or works are also popular. Some examples of allusion names include "The Jackson [# of players],"We Still Like Lebron," "Putin's Pistols" or "Trivia Newton John." Such funny trivia names usually have a personal touch and a clever twist.

For those who are still having difficulties creating their own funny team name, Team Names offers a Fantasy Name Generator tool, designed to either create a name based on key information (e.g. Nationality, color or favorite sports teams) or completely at random. The tool also allows users the option to ensure specific words are included in their generated title.

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