Funny Verbs?


There are many funny verbs used in the English language. A list of most action verbs that are used most often in speech can be found at English grammar sites on the Internet. This is a fairly comprehensive list that also includes some verbs that are frankly funny when viewed and used in speech. A couple of examples of funny verbs are quacked, stalked, slithered, fantasized, glided, flipped, squirmed, squawked, galloped, and squealed. The reason why some of these words are included in the list is because when you pronounce the word, it almost sounds the same as the action it is describing.
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I like the word yammer, a verb that means to whine or complain. Kerfuffle is a
the verb is think in both cases. you can have the following: You think of something funny (you think of something random which is funny) You think something is funny (you think something
Mad-Libs. Source(s): I just know.
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