How to Reset a Furnace Limit Switch?


The furnace limit switch is a switch that adjusts when a furnace blows hot air into your house by indicating the fan to turn either on or off at some temperatures. To reset a furnace limit switch, start by unscrewing the panel located underneath the plenum. Then, locate the limit switch and remove its cover. Afterwards, check out the dial settings and move it to the left metal arm to about 90 degrees C. Hold the dial to put the middle arm to around 30 degrees above its lower arm. Lastly, set the final arm and reattach the limit cover.
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A furnace limit switch will differ depending on if it's a gas or oil furnace. The limit switch controls when to blow hot air into your house by telling the fan in the furnace to turn on or off at different temperatures. Most limit switches look like a silver dial, which has a white switch that regulates the functions of the furnace. To replace the limit switch, you will need to find a replacement part for your particular furnace or call a qualified service technician in your area.
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1. Unscrew the panel underneath the plenum, or heating duct, just below the draft hood (the diagonal opening) Take the panel off and set it aside. 2. Locate the limit switch at the
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It's a round metal disk looking thing with 2 screws holding it down, and it has 2 or 3 wires coming off it, it is designed to feel the heat from your furnace, and if the temp of that
An electrical limit switch is used to complete or break a circuit, usually when physically contacted. They have many uses in different fields as safety devices and precision controls
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