How to Repair Gouges & Deep Scratches in Furniture?


In order to repair gouges in furniture and deep scratches, you can take your furniture to be renovated. You can also do the renovation yourself. This is provided that you have the necessary tools and skills required.
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1. Clean the furniture. Use a washcloth and a mild soap or a wood cleaner to wipe it down. Use a soft-bristled brush and wood cleaner to clean out crevices. Gouges can become discolored
1 Call the manufacturer of your leather furniture when you notice a scratch. Many manufacturers have specific ways they recommend to fix or repair their pieces of furniture. Sometimes
if the scratches are not gouges there is a product out there called Howard's scratch remover that I used for years in hotelsi it removes surface scratches and hides small gouges.
Depending on the depth,but most can be polished off using a dab of Brasso poured on some newspaper and rub vigorously.If they're too deep you may have to use a small hobby polishing
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1. Vacuum the area on and around the scratch. 2. Place the edge of a medium-grade piece of sandpaper against one end of the scratch. Press down on the edge as ...
1. Wipe the surface clean using a soft cloth. Remove all dust and debris. 2. Fill in the scratch using a wax filler stick. Run the stick firmly along the scratch ...
Leather furniture is found in many homes because of its sleek and stylish look. However, leather can be scratched or damaged in other ways, and when this occurs ...
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