What is Future floor wax?


Future is a brand of floor wax formerly made by Johnson & Johnson. It has been discontinued as an individual product but partially lives on as an additive in Pledge floor finish.

The original Future floor wax was very similar to a clear acrylic paint, according to Make magazine. The floor wax became popular with makers of models and figurines as an inexpensive substitute for clear acrylic paint. When Johnson & Johnson discontinued the brand in 2008, it incorporated it as a component of certain types of Pledge (labeled as "with Future Shine"). This same formulation is sold outside of the United States under a variety of names, such as Klir, Sols Plus and Pronto Wax.

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Johnson and Johnson floox wax can be purchased at almost any store. Stores such as Walmart and K-mart as well as major grocery chains will have this. Got to.
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Uses for Future Floor Wax
Future floor polish, also marketed as Pledge with Future Shine, is manufactured by the SC Johnson Company and is designed to polish no-wax and regular linoleum floors. The product creates a tough, acrylic shine, according to SC Johnson, protecting the... More »
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