How to Install a G5rv Antenna?


To install a G5rv antenna, trace two supporting objects that are at least 102 feet separate, join ends of the antenna to each support, with the help of a nylon rope rated to hold at least 50 lbs, safeguard the ladder line from the center of the antenna is able to hang vertically for at least 20 feet, connect a run of coaxial cable to the end of the ladder line, and then make several test transmissions with your transceiver to ensure proper operation. G5RV antenna is one of the most popular antennas in the world.
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1. Locate two supporting objects (a tree, poles, etc. that are at least 102 feet apart. Ensure that both supports are at least 35 feet tall. The antenna must be erected at this height
The really nice thing about the G5RV is that it is so simple to remove the balun (if there is one) get rid of the coax, run the ladder line to the tuner, and have an effective antenna
Thanks Cecil, I found a way to run it North South. I have an old TV antenna mast I could mount the center to; however that would mean I will be running the antenna about 5' above
How To Build an All-Band and Wide-Band G5RV Amateur Radio or Ham Radio Antenna: Work the World of DX Radio with Low Cost and Low Profile G5RV Aerial Inductor: Build a G5RV Antenna
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