Gaetano Vinaccia Biography?


Not much is known about the biography of Gaetano Vinaccia. He was a man who lived in the 18th century in Naples, Italy. He was responsible for building the first extant six string guitar in 1779. He was just twenty years old when he made this type of guitar. His family was also known to have created the first mandolins.
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Gaetano Vinaccia got stabbed by an unknown enemy.
Gaetano Vinaccia is credited with making the earliest extant
Beyond the age of baroque, classical guitar got another string - the sixth string! - from the Spaniards who also developed the instrument into its present form. They called their
Born in Sicily, April 23 1969, Gaetano Guarino spent his early
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The first acoustic guitar was invented in 1779 by Gaetano Vinaccia. The guitar works on acoustic methods for it to project the sound of the strings which can be ...
Gaetano Vinaccia, an Italian gentleman, has been pointed by many guitar history books as the inventor of the acoustic guitar. With the help of his family, he later ...
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