Gag Gifts for 50 Years Old?


There are a variety of gag gifts that one can give a fifty year old. These can be given as prank gifts for one’s birthday, retirement party or just be given for fun. These include such gifts as tombstone shaped soap, jumbo remote control unit, fake portable oxygen tank in a can, young at heart candles, glow in the dark toilet paper that reads over 50 in glowing letters, and magnets in the shape of pills. They also can include fake hair dye for bald men and hairbrush for bald men that have no bristles.
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1. Hot glue a piece of thick wire to the back of a small, round mirror. Wrap the other end around the top of a cheap plastic or wooden cane. 2. Use tape or wire to attach a bicycle
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That's dependent on what he likes and dislikes, though guys always enjoy something creative of something like a picture frame. Another thought. What about something naughty? You could
It really depends on what makes her unique, doesn't it? I turned 50 last fall. My partner rescheduled a planned trip to New York to coincide with a book signing by one of my all-time
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Gag Gifts for a 50-Year-Old
A 50th birthday is an opportunity to both celebrate a special milestone and share laughs with your aging loved one. If your particular 50-year-old has a good sense of humor (and is not sensitive about getting older), giving whimsical gag gifts can bring... More »
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