Gag Me with a Spoon?


'Gag Me with a Spoon' is a slang term used as an exclamation that describes irritation on the part of the speaker because of something that is distasteful or otherwise sickening. An example of its use in a sentence is 'I dislike watching dating reality shows, gag me with a spoon!'
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It is the exclamation that describes displeasure on the part of the
i think "gag me with a spoon" has to do with the whole stereotypical valley girl thing. According to the stereotype, they would say this when they saw something so disgusting
Gag me with a spoon is a phrase used to describe how unpleasant a situation may be. Spoon is used to stimulate gag reflex( responsible for vomiting).
Tim Allen referred to it back in an early 90's stand-up routine as a Verp. Not quite vomit, not quite burp. It was the one where he told stories that had the line, "So I...rewired
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The song 'Gag Me With a Spoon' from the 1980s was sang by Frank Zappa. The title became a popular phrase in the 1980s that is still used today. ...
Ground cinnamon is dry and dusty as well as strong, so tends to invoke a gag reflex when taken neat. Many failed attempts can be seen in internet videos. ...
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