Galloping Inflation?


Galloping inflation is another term for 'hyperinflation.' Hyperinflation, in economics, occurs when the rate of inflation in a country accelerates very quickly, and is perceived to be unstoppable. Hyperinflations are often associated with war and various types of sociopolitical upheaval.
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Galloping Inflation When the movement of price accelerates rapidly, running inflation emerges. Running inflation may record more than 100 per cent rise in prices over a decade. Thus
Episode in which the rate of inflation is viewed as being extraordinarily high.
Dear Yousaf, Inflation is a situation where there is a sustained and persistent rise in the general price level, usually over one year. Galloping Inflation is known from its difference
I think those economists are damn right. Due to the wrong economic approach of US macroeconomics, the top priority is monetary policy where the US treasury has the absolute power
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