What are some game ideas for a sweet sixteen birthday party?


A sweet sixteen birthday party is always one that you will remember for a lifetime. In order to make it fun and memorable it's important to make a list of games that will be fun and entertaining for the birthday girl and her friends. Some games include a scavenger hunt, charades, or karaoke. These are games that even teenagers will love, and it won't make the birthday girl feel like a small child. They are fun and entertaining and can be made to fit any age.
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1. Set a budget so that you know your limits from the start. Planning a Sweet 16 party can easily get out of hand if you don't place limitations on how much you spend. 2. Pick a date
Try Murder in Wonderland, dress like Alice in Wonderland
have a nude theme.
road trip. paintballing. spa day. horseback riding. mountains [cabins] photoshoot. dinner & a movie. cruise.
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Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Game Ideas
A girl's Sweet 16 birthday party is a coming of age celebration. Celebrate a casual Sweet 16 birthday party with friends by playing fun and exciting games. Sweet 16-themed games can be played by boys and girls and will provide hours of entertainment for... More »
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