Games to Play around a Campfire?


There are various games that one can play around a campfire to entertain and amuse the campers. This can include a game known as Wink Murder. Each player gets to draw a slip of paper. One piece will have the word murderer on it. The player who draws out the piece that has the word murderer on it is playing this role. The goal is for the player to wink at his or her victims. However, if anyone else sees the murderer winking, the murderer will lose and the other player will win the game. Other games one can play is story games, twenty questions, and truth and dare.
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1-2-3-Look: Everyone closes their eyes and lowers their heads,
The 'Campfire Song' song.
1. Get a partner. Around the Clock requires 2 people. 2. Measure distance. Technically you should be standing 7 feet, 9.25 inches from the board. Use a tape measure and mark with
A good game for at least four or five people is Wink Murder. To play, make a scrap of paper for each person. On only one, write the word “murderer”. Fold up all the pieces
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