Games to Play at a Slumber Party?


There are various games one can play at a slumber party. These can include fun games such as scavenger hunts, talent shows, and dance games such as 'Freeze Dance.' The object when playing Freeze Dance is for the participants to dance until the music stops. Then everyone must freeze. They must stay in this frozen position until someone laughs. Whoever laughs or moves is out of the game. The music restarts and the game starts again. The object is to be the last player in the game.
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1 Before the party, write one word on each paper sack. One sack should say "Job", another should say "Husband", the next should say "Number of Children"
Silent hill,i don't especially advise it though.
Teen slumber party games: Video Game Pictionary and Charades;
Bloody Mary is a classic.
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Games to Play at a Slumber Party
Kids of all ages love having slumber parties. It's a chance to spend the night at a friend's house, stay up late and play some silly games. Children can play countless slumber party games, from traditional harmless "mummy wrapping" to the sometimes... More »
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