Games to Play on the Trampoline?


A trampoline is a recreational and exercise device that is made using strong fabric held on a metallic frame using springs. Some of the games that you can play on a trampoline include jumpers marathon, follow the leader and spread eagle.
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1 Have 3-6 people. Try asking parents or anyone else who is around. Ad 2 Pick one person to sit in the middle with their eyes closed and count to ten out loud. When done, someone
1. Play the game Touch. The game Touch could be used with just about any size ball, but the bigger the better. This game is also more exciting with three to four players instead of
The best game to play is Peaches and Cream. You need 3 people. Decide which one is the peach and which one is the cream. The peach & cream is shaped into a ball and is rolling
You can play basketball, wrestle, tag, dodgeball, shoot the moon, or
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Games to Play on a Trampoline
The trampoline is beneficial for the body, but it also supplies plenty of entertainment options. Playing trampoline games provides hours of exciting actitivies, but jumpers must remember to follow safety guidlines while playing these actitvites. Be aware... More »
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