Games to Play on the Trampoline?


A trampoline is a recreational and exercise device that is made using strong fabric held on a metallic frame using springs. Some of the games that you can play on a trampoline include jumpers marathon, follow the leader and spread eagle.
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1. Play dead man. Have one person lie in the middle of the trampoline with their eyes closed. Jump on the trampoline and chant "dead man, dead man, come alive before I count
1. Crack-the-Egg: (2+ players) You have one person curl up in a ball, in the center of the trampoline, while the other players jump around them (not on them) and try to "crack&
You can play basketball, wrestle, tag, dodgeball, shoot the moon, or
In the summer fill balloons with water and tie them or put a rubber band around it tight. Then who ever pops it is out then start over with everyone who is left. Good way to cool
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Games to Play on a Trampoline
The trampoline is beneficial for the body, but it also supplies plenty of entertainment options. Playing trampoline games provides hours of exciting actitivies, but jumpers must remember to follow safety guidlines while playing these actitvites. Be aware... More »
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There are a variety of fun trampoline games. For example, there is the ballgame. It is a kind of trampoline game that combines dodgeball with jumping on the trampoline ...
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