Gamestop Sell Games?


How to sell your games at Gamestop is by visiting the location. The Gamestop will have their resale price in their system, will check your discs and then offer you store credit or cash.
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Gather all your games. Make sure they are in good condition. Clean them from dust and/or dirt that may be on the game. Go to Gamestop. Go to the counter and tell the cashier that
It does not have to be old for them to buy them. Gamestop likes newly released games best.
The rate of pay for Gamestop depends on what game it is and how many people are looking for it.
yes but you have to have a driver license to trade in games. and dont expect alot for them
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From what I know, you can sell games to Gamestop stores. The price that they will give you will depend on the condition of the game and how many they already have ...
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